Damnation Dawning

CTG014  / Limited to 100 units.

Release date:
July 31, 2020

Swedish band Enemy Alliance finally gives us their long-awaited album Damnation Dawning featuring Rodrigo Alfaro (Satanic Surfers/Atlas Losing Grip), Stefan Bratt (No Fun At All) and Max (Atlas Losing Grip).

1. Apparatus of Repression
2. Unfamiliar World
3. Prove Me Wrong
4. No Justice, No Peace
5. Moth to a Flame
6. Incarcerated
7. Where Night Falls All Day Long
8. Final Warning
9. Eruptions of Violence
10. Strength in Numbers
11. Sacrifice
12. Measured
13. Damnation's Bell Tolls


Damnation Dawning
Orange/Black vinyl

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