Left For Dead

POPR-031V-UC  / Limited to 100 units.

Release date:
September 17, 2021

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Never released album recorded in 2005 for Kung Fu Records, produced by Kevin Augunas (The Lumineers, Cold War Kids, Talk In Tongues, Mike Snow)

In July of 2005, The Getaway flew out to Los Angeles to record an album. It had been a long cold winter writing songs, and putting all our efforts towards creating something solid that represented everything we had experienced together up until then.

For reasons beyond our control, "Left for Dead" was never released. Only a handful of people have ever heard it before this. This album is a time capsule, unearthed after so many years. A slice of punk rock from Toronto at that moment. Our mission was to hit it hard. We hope that it feels as relevant now as it may have back then.

"Left for Dead" was the final chapter for five friends that had amazing times getting to play music close to, and far from home. Just five of us against what's outside the van. But we also made so many great friends, and had so many good times, right outside that van.

The last chapter gets to be rewritten…

1. Victims
2. Here We Go Again
3. Rescue Me
4. When I Go
5. If Voting Changed Anything
6. Had To Be Said
7. Nothing Left To Say
8. I Love You Feel The Same
9. Short Fuses
10. Left For Dead

Left For Dead
LP (Ultra Clear vinyl)

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