Needless To Say

POPR-730V-CBS  / Limited to 150 units.

Release date:
June 17, 2021

Their style is fast, aggressive and intricate, all laced with melodic vocals and crazed music that is uniquely Choke. Their third release - Needless To Say - shows no signs of slowing down, as they push the envelope of amazing songs and pure passion.

Originally released by Smallman Records in 1998.
Remixed and remastered by People of Punk Rock Records in 2020.

1. Drain
2. In Reach
3. This Side
4. Less Than Nothing
5. Wasted
6. Turd Farmer
7. Lost Cause
8. Filter
9. Doin’ Fine
10. Six Inch Coiler on White
11. Bent on Profit
12. Nothing
13. Up ‘Til Now

To be released
JUNE 17, 2021

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