Bad Story, Happy Ending


Release date:
November 19, 2021

Bad Story, Happy Ending is the third full length and first major label studio album by Israeli punk band Useless ID, originally released on June 12 2001. It is the bands first album on the Kung Fu label. Remastered at the Blasting Room and reissued on vinyl for the first time on Sbäm Records with brand new artwork.

1. At The Stadium
2. Another Bad Taste
3. No Time For Me To Be A Teenager
4. Presents
5. Just Friends
6. Oh, My Guard
7. Day By Day
8. Nothing Logical In This Lifetime
9. Out Of Tune
10. Note
11. Far From Distance
12. Operation New Years
13. Working Jerk
14. Wake Up Call
15. A Year To Forget

Bad Story, Happy Ending
LP (Green vinyl)

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