National Treasure…. And Other LaForgeries


Release date:
March 22, 2024

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This EP is so named “…And Other LaForgeries”. These songs are among the last that 30footFALL demoed with Chris Laforge, their guitarist of 23 years who passed away in 2017. He was a huge part of 30footFALL. He was a huge part of the Houston scene. He was their friend, and their brother. The band wanted to honor that time by completing these songs and sharing them with you.

Pressing info:
165 on Ruby Red colored vinyl
137 on Orange Crush colored vinyl
137 on Gold colored vinyl
110 on Ruby Red/Orange Crush colored vinyl (Store Edition)

42 on Orange colored tape
13 on Gold colored tape

Also available on Digipack CD

1. National Treasure
2. Bob War
3. Champion Song
4. Cold Company
5. Maybe You Could Be The One
6. Respect

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