Let's Talk About The People Of Punk Rock


Release date:
June 7, 2024


After capturing the big boss of Red Bridge Fest on the cover of our 2nd compilation in 2022, it's now the turn of the powerhouse woman behind the festival! A huge thanks to Amélie for indulging in a "costume session" for our needs!

1. Hostage
ft. Pridebowl

2. BPM
ft. Down Memory Lane

3. Over The Target
ft. Bridge The Gap

4. Bob War
ft. 30footFALL

5. Shaking My Fist At Clouds
ft. Too Bad Eugene

6. Parasite
ft. Restroyer.

7. Ricochet
ft. Fine Gents

8. Public Enemy Number One
ft. Splitcast

9. Turn The Lights Off
ft. Try Again

10. Armchair Quarterback
ft. Ten Foot Pole

11. Ocean Road
ft. Monkie Mind

12. T.G.I.F.
ft. Xxsmile

13. How Much I Miss Those Days
ft. Wasting Time

14. Stuck
ft. Losing Streak

15. Have You Ever
ft. Side Out

16. Conquer
ft. Judo CHOP!

17. Poetic Essence
ft. Swill

18. Silent Masses
ft. Bloodtrust

19. White Man In America
ft. Branpüker


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