POPR-739C-WH  / Limited to 106 units.

Release date:
December 20, 2022

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Live album celebrating the band's 10th anniversary, with the band performing songs from across their entire catalog at the time, including a few deep cuts from their demo tape. Released on CD-R in 2003 and sold at the merch booth at shows. Originally limited to 200!

1. Breaking The Weather
2. Focus
3. Plastic
4. Junior High Sucked
5. Divided We Stand
6. Opposite Day
7. Stolen In My Youth
8. Bskamf
9. Buttplug
10. Elementary School Love
11. Fifteen
12. Tons O' Guns
13. Hooray
14. I Da' Know
15. Popular Opinion
16. Out Of Breath
17. Two Wheels, One Dark Lord
18. Feel Like Morrissey
19. Play It By Ear
20. Fuck Ya'll We're From Texas
21. Summer of '69 (CD and TAPE only)

TAPE (White)

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