No Resistance


Release date:
April 23, 2021

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No Resistance builds on the sonic foundation of Reset's late 90's classics No Worries and No Limits as well as the early 2000's releases anchored by orignal guitarist Phil Jolicoeur.

The 11 new tracks feature the speed, riffs and melodic flair that raised the bar for the Quebec punk rock music scene and originally made Reset the talk of the town.

Pressing info:
100 on Smokey Clear colored vinyl
200 on Smokey Light Blue colored vinyl

300 on Digipack CD

1. Breaking Bad
2. Polaris
3. Nevertheless
4. Freedom
5. Violent Pacificator
6. Yesterday
7. Kalifornia
8. Reshape Digital Frontiers
9. Virtuality
10. Sky Walkers
11. Equilibrium

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