Just Joined


Release date:
February 25, 2021


Just Joined is Jughead's Revenge's fifth studio album. This album marked the first time since 1992's It's Lonely at the Bottom that the band would record together as a five-piece, adding Craig Riker as their second guitarist. It also marked their first (and only) album recorded with then-future Guttermouth drummer Ty Smith.

Originally released by Nitro Records in 1998.

Pressing info:
110 on Blue colored vinyl
110 on Yellow colored vinyl
110 on Pink colored vinyl
110 on Clear/Pink color-in-color vinyl
110 on Clear/Yellow splatter vinyl

26 on Yellow colored tape
27 on Blue colored tape
28 on Pink colored tape
29 on Orange colored tape

500 on 6-panel Digipack CD

1. Hit and Run
2. Sleepwalking
3. Rules Don't Apply
4. Victims and Volunteers
5. Just Start Shooting
6. Weight of The World
7. Punk Isn't Cool Anymore
8. Domino
9. Community Leaders
10. Surrender Your Secrets
11. (Are You) Happy
12. Casey
13. Corporate Bashing
14. Reprise
15. Domino (Live at Rockfest)
16. Victims and Volunteers (Live at Rockfest) (CD ONLY)
17. Pain (Live at Rockfest) (CD ONLY)

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